Monday, January 3, 2011

Papa Kits Marina

Location: Tayud, Liloan Cebu (near the Church and Munisipyo in Liloan)

Outdoor activity: 800 meter Zip Lining, Horse Back Riding and Fishing

Amenities: Restaurant and Floating/Non- Floating Cottages

Entrance: P100 (consumable) SULIT!

Zip line - first try P200 , Succeeding rides P100
Horse Back Riding - P100 per 30min.
Fishing Rod - P50 (you can bring your own fishing rod)
Fish bait - P10 (available in the restaurant)

Bonding with Families, Friends or even a love one is perfect to happen in this place. Papa Kits Marina has a lot to offer to their customers to enjoy outdoor activities and fresh food.

It was a fine morning when me and my family went to Papa Kits. The place was very nice. Our main intention to the place was to try the Zip Line but some of my cousins stayed fishing including me because we had fun fishing already. it was really hard to catch a fish but it was all payed off after almost 2 hours of fishing i finally caught 1 bangus.


  1. Chillax sa Sugbu, is really interesting. I am looking forward to read more about “chillaxing” in cebu.

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  3. summer is near..we will be going there! thanks to chillax sa sugbo..i know where it is!

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    I like the backgroud design. It fits the topic.:)

    This is very useful. I'm not from Cebu . Now I know where to go. Thanks. I can use some "Chilaxing"

  5. been there :)
    amazing experience :)

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  14. Thanks Christine, Mae and Emily.. U 3 are the best!!

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